Deity Wrapped Delicate

Deity Wrapped Delicate
Photo credit to Anneka

Tiny face and little arms,
A smooth sigh and folded lash,
So little, so normal,
So lovely, so known.

But softly we came
Awe settled deep in our hearts,
As we saw the hope of mankind,
Nestled in young mother’s arm.

We thought we knew You
A new born child,
We thought we had held
Many a baby in arms.

But Your face so familiar,
Your form so helpless, so known,
Held deity wrapped delicate
This clay held Divine.

A mother’s hands held a baby,
The Father’s hands wrought salvation,
The Son’s steps were long purposed,
From cradle to cross.

Oh come, let us adore
One who came normal infant
Who’ll die common thief
Who’ll rise mighty Victor.

This Man that would bear
The awful weight of our sin,
Oh come let us worship,
Little One bringing peace.