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A doorkeeper
To swing the home open wide. 
To usher us in 
with soft smile inside.

A doorkeeper
Is exactly our need. 
To welcome the weary 
and close out the dreary. 

A doorkeeper
For the great house of God 
A tender refrain, 
Come in, for you're spent. 

Come into His rest 
And find that He's best. 
Come in and let go 
of all the works that you know. 

Come in for He said
He's tender and low
Close to the sinner 
and easy to know. 

Come in said the keeper 
the meal is ready inside 
Come in, 
it was for you that He died. 

And so we soft entered, 
Through blood on the door
We sat scared at the table. 

We thought of our lack
And felt -
we wouldn't be welcome. 

But just like outside, 
we found grace too, inside 
For the welcoming Savior 
Had sent His doorkeeper. 

Thank God for the keepers 
that stand out in the rain 
To bid us come in 
And find rest from our pain.