Normal rests on You

Normal rests on You
Photo by Anne Nygard on Unsplash

Do you know what I saw today?
I saw normal fall apart.
When husband’s job ended.

But as normal left,
Solid things,
Good things

Like boulders in the tide
Or oaks in the wind.

My daughter worshiping
Hands open, eyes closed, heart soft
Voice resonant.

The still small Voice
Calling me from my rumination.
“The battle is not yours.
Will you take what’s Mine?”

A bank of clouds so high
We couldn’t see the end of.

Strange peace
Tugging my soul
Away from the fear.

God of Heaven
Our eyes are on You
Though You we cannot see.

But we see that
Normal rests on You.

If You hold the tides
If You hung the stars
If You tell the morning

Where to rise.

Then You can hold us now.