Good Things

Good Things

Good Things
Good things that take best place‌

Good things that are needed
known and loved.‌

Good things
Like gathering with Your own.

Good things like
The washing water of the Word.

Good things
Like good gifts with little feet.‌

God things like
This man’s hand in mine.‌

Good things like
The hard work, the full fridge, the welcome check.‌

Good things, Lord
good things that soft take your place.‌

Oh Lord
Help my dusty heart

To love the Giver
More than the gift.‌

"Little children, keep yourselves from idols." 1 John 5:21

Dear readers,
It is so good to be back to writing. I appreciated my break but I miss this. It fills me so much.

As I mention before, have a new social media manager, @kelseylael. She is amazing and working hard to make all my content look stunning. Little by little, you'll see some changes around here as we tweak and update things.

There will also be a paid option rolling out for you generous readers that have asked how you can support me. (Thank you <3) But don’t worry, it's a paywall to nothing, just my thanks! There will be no difference between paid and unpaid members. That being said, if you want to see all my content, you’ll have to subscribe. 

For all the planners, here are my rough posting goals. Life happens, but I'll try to be as consistent as I can.

  • Most Mondays I write a post for @livinglovedtoday. It’s called Mothering Mondays and whenever I write for them, I'll share it with you too (new and old).
  • Wednesdays you’ll start seeing my experiments with reels, a new thing for me!
  • Friday, as usual, will be a new post. Poetry, prose, whatever is fresh for me. 

As you see the new posts and layout, let me know what you think! Good or bad, your feedback is gold for me and Kelsey. 

So, tell me, will you be following along? Let me know! Tell me, do you love the poetry? The motherhood posts? Something else?