He once

He once
Photo by Caleb Stokes / Unsplash

He once in rugged manger laid,
God so quiet and so still.
He once stepped in the world He’d made.
God, a baby, manager filled.

He once soft sighed and snuggled close,
God with us, our Immanuel.
He once was carried, who we need most
God with us once did dwell.

He once grew up and left His home,
God our Savior, Creator, Lord.
He once set out to homeless roam,
The perfect Word a life outpoured.

He once walked purposed up a hill,
“It is finished” He cried out bold.
He once exhaled so soft and still,
Son of God, a sight to behold.

He once was raised on bright third morn,
Now He stands our advocate.
Now we go the gospel to adorn,
Now we’re shameless, passionate.

He then the throne of heaven fills,
He once was dead but nevermore.
He’ll reign from Heaven until
Eternity and forever more.