I forgot

I forgot
Photo by Ahmet Sali / Unsplash

I forgot that I was loved
And rose up in indignation.
It wasn't fire from above
Just haughty toleration.

I forgot that I was loved.
That subtle speck I judged
Because I'm a cut above
A plank that just won't budge.

I forgot that I was loved
And didn't know my craving
To know Someone approved
To know I'm worth saving.

Forgive me, Lord, for this and
all the pride that I'd been feeding.
It wasn't shame that I was missing,
It was You that I was needing.

Draw me nearer to Your flame
That will warm my weary heart.
I know You'll melt the blame
That drove me from the start.

So remind me of the grace
Long and deep and wide and see
It fill this barren space
With who is really me —

Chosen, freed, redeemed, and loved,
Needing only to hear Your voice.
Full of You, and grace thereof
Grace, my blood-bought choice.

I get and then I give
So full and yes, so free.
The hope to joyful live,
The grace that pardoned me.

It's this I give to you,
My imperfect lovely friend.
My plank is gone, your speck is fine
Because He loved me to the end.