Knit to him

Knit to him
Photo by PHUOC LE on Unsplash

Let your heart be knit to that man before you. The one that rushes you out the door and forgets his keys and asks what's for dinner and just drives you crazy.  

For all the soft moments that you look over and find that without a word, yes, he knows. For all memories of children or trips or homes or sunsets. And all the painful ones too – the hospital stays and the tears in the night and the exhaustion and wondering and worrying and waiting times.

And all the harsh words and careless critique that needed ripe regret to bring the fruit of repentance. Tender words to wash it away, but oh, you know there is a stain. He’s hurt you, but what deep stain isn’t washed in the blood of Christ?  Sometimes the yarn knots fiercely and you need to pause and work it out before you go on.

For all the days he got up without a word and did what he does and worked as he could and came home and supported and loved and cheered you on in all that you do. And for all the times he forgot to thank you – because he’s so used to the work you do he forgets, and so you forget his.

Choose to let your heart be knit to him. To all that he is, for you know what he isn’t. (Whatever things are true, lovely, admirable… think on these things about him.) Take care of all that he longs to be. Be the carrier of his dreams and never let him forget the dreamer he was – the man you met so long ago. Remind him that as his muscles shrink and his back aches, he is ever growing in your soul. Remind him there is nothing, nothing he can try and fail at that will make you stop loving him. So he is free to risk and work and dream for you both.

In all these things, let your heart continue knitting – to him. He’s so surprising, so flawed, so normal and so yours. He’s the only one in so many millions where your heart can find its home – so knit yourself to him warm and well.

Loop by loop, click by click, good or bad, day by day, just as they say – until you’re one in body AND in soul.

It’s a choice. Over and over. So let your heart be knit to him and no one else.