Let me be little

Let me be little

Let me be little,

For just a little while.

Let me be little

‘cause time will fly by

When you let me be little,

You just let me dream

I’ll wake up before long

But now I can fly

Just let me be little

And let the clouds pass,

Let the wind smooth my face

Slow the everyday pace.

Let me read and be lost

In good novels and plots,

Let me savor the end

Not rushing my thoughts.

Give me time to do nothing

And more space to dream

Let me mount up to heaven

And descend caverns deep.

Let me be little,

And the time trackless go

Let me lose all my bearings

And then find them alone.

In the pages of manuals

In the face of a dime,

In blotches of sunshine

That leaves circles in eyes.

Let me rise, inspired,

And whittle my sword,

Let me slay all the dragons

And defeat maniac hordes.

Let me dress up so sweetly

And serve tea so neatly

Let me tell you daydreams,

And stitch careful seams.

For it is now that “me” forms

When now I find roots,

It takes so little from you,

To let go, and grow fruit.

Let me be little,

Please, won’t you see,

I’m forming the stories

Which in turn will form me.

Let me be little,

But growing up too

Let me be little

Or, just let me be me.