Let me be

Let me be

“Let me be,”
She whispered soft and low.
Her “no” only a tremor,
But it tumbled weary, sore.

Let me be
When stretch marks widen,
When hips soften,
When these eyes have sunken in.

Let me be,
Just what I am and where
As age and love
Take their toll.
Oh just let me be.

My skin won’t glow,
Oh no.
This soul will glow instead.

The roundness of my belly
Shows the roundness of my soul,
Full of life and love and sacrifice
Just let it be
Just what it is.

Someday soon made new,
Someday soon I’ll rise again.
For now I’m stretched and scarred.
So let me be.

For this is only a tent,
And it’s where I live,
My soul forever young,
My body frayed and spent.

How old I look,
How young I feel.
Still this little girl,
And still this woman;
A nesting doll.

As I pile on the years
And pounds and pain.
I won’t pile on their shame.
Let me be
Just what I am.

I am Kingdom bound,
Kingdom built,
And for the Kingdom spent
For this, my King is coming.

And He won’t find my tent preserved,
Oh no.
He’ll find it as it is.

So let me be.

Frayed and stretched and road worn sore
And full of fruit and joy.
Spent and done and ready
To see His Kingdom come.