Love me well, love me long

Love me well, love me long
Photo by Amanda Sixsmith / Unsplash

Love me well, but please love me long.
Love me daily, just love all of me.
Love my faults and love my strengths,
Love in fears and hold my hand.

Love me dear, but don’t forget
When life presses in this hard
Love me deep and love me well
When these old things grip my now.

Love me joyful and love me sweet.
Love the tears that track the time.
Love my laugh and love my cry.
Love me well, dear, and love me long.

Love me when I just don’t.
Love me then, when fears unspoke,
Threaten to shatter all we are.
Shaking our foundations deep.

Love with mighty ocean’s roar.
Love with whisper’s soft caress,
A love deeper still with soft embrace
We know our weakness mingles here.

Love that echos Savior’s care.
Love that lays all gently down.
Love that’s stronger than the death,
Of all my hopes and tryings best.

Love me now, my love
Oh please love me still.
Long and low and strong and slow.
And deep and wide, yet please know,

You’ve loved me well my dear,
And yes, you’ve loved me long.
Love me dear, just don’t forget
All the love you have from me.

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