She was heard

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Rich and important people smiled
Small the talk and subtle.
Stunning wealth, and yet
Opinion valued more than gold.

Suddenly a hush pulled every eye
To their courtyard door.
A rabbi entered,
His eyes both kind and strong.

He was only a rabbi small
His students shuffled round
All just there and out of place,
Rough and large and wrong.

Why no foot washing?
Maybe He won’t know,
Gentler souls in pensive thought.
Perhaps Simon had forgot.

“Jesus, Rabbi, please sit here,”
Simon smiled wide.
To be anointed now?
But no.

Awkwardness stretched,
Glances slid around.
It was then the woman entered,
Unnoticed and unheard.

Born along by new hope filled
She had a gift to give.
Fears full swelling, love outpouring
She knelt to wash His feet.

Forgiveness had washed her soul anew
She longed to right the wrong.
His feet were filthy like once her soul,
Her tears the solvent smooth.

One kiss and another,
Fear and doubt distilled
She had lost herself before Him
Before Him found herself anew

“Simon I have somewhat to say to thee,”
The Savior’s gentle scold had steel,
“Two debtors, one forgiveness,
To whom will it matter more?”

“To the one with greater debt”
Came the stiff reply.
The Savior’s message heard,
The meaning slipped away.

But not for she, who at His feet
Had found her silence heard
Knew how great was all her sin,
How grace had all forgiven.

May I, too, know how great my sin
From which I am forever free
Filth like that from His feet taken,
Washed freely from my soul.