The Battle is His

The Battle is His
Photo by Astrid Schaffner / Unsplash

I hear it whispered,
From person to person,
“Today is the worst,
That it’s ever been.

How awful to be,
The parent of child,
Or leader of church,
In days such as these.

How much we pity
Those coming after.
How difficult their way
Than what was before.”

But God whispers, “Blessed
are those in my fold,
For I gently lead
Those carrying the young.”

My God tells me again,
That the battle’s not done.
There is much to do
On well-worn ground.

No challenge today
Will prove too much for His hand
He laughs at the nations,
Their plans are but sand.

“What will stand is My word,
My work and My will.”
We run to the battle
We stand on the line.

We laugh at the future,
We hold fast our God,
We raise children like stones
To be sent out in His will.

We say no to the armor
Of carnality gone before.
Our hands hold a sling,
Our heart holds a song.

It will look different today,
How Goliath comes down,
But God will be faithful,
This battle is His.

(Photo by Astrid Schaffner on Unsplash)

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