The older brother too

The older brother too
Photo by Valentina Locatelli on Unsplash

God forgives the older brother too,
Though they that take it are but few.

Rich in truth and so much more,
It’s hard to enter through the door.

That door is narrow just because
It’s just so easy to follow laws.

Do this, say that, you must not touch,
Burdened down with oh so much.

Hear the sweet call, come home
And the Father’s best to own.

Soft the light and dark the night,
Standing at the Father’s door.

“Just as you are, a lost son found!
What’s mine is yours to pass around!”

Father, help me lay it down,
All my best to which I’m bound.

And through the door, step empty
Like the prodigal, You wait for me.

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