This is how I was healed

This is how I was healed
Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

This is how I was healed
He muddied my eyes and then peeled
Back the darkness, the fear, and the night
I was blind and now have my sight.

This is how I was healed
He healed me in part and I ached for the rest,
I saw men as trees walking before He revealed
His face, the bright sight I had sought.

This is how I was healed
He touched my ears which concealed
How my tongue too needed mending
He sighed deep, “Ephphatha” and my heart opened wide.

This is how she was healed,
My daughter was sick unto death
He just said a word, and the story we heard
That very hour she stood and walked free.

This is how I was healed
I met him there at the well in that field
After 5 shattered dreams. And with gentle rebuke,
He mended my soul.

This is how He pushed back
The gates of Hell with His word
He quietly came, and saw and he healed
Each one of us.

And steady built up his church,
His body, His bride,
From people on margins, in dustbins, on roads.
He raised and redeemed us, called us His own.

And one day we’ll shine like the stars,
Old wounds set aside, with Him by His side,
The shadows all gone with the glory
And we’ll each tell our story -

This is how I was healed.

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