What we need

What we need
Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

A job. A home. A spouse. A family. Relief.

Things we might feel we need.

“Now a man who was lame from birth was being carried to the temple gate called Beautiful, where he was put every day to beg from those going into the temple courts” (Acts 3:2).

What do you think you need today? You might not be wrong. That crippled man NEEDED money, it’s true, but he could have asked for food or shelter. He could have asked for friendship or help with some task. He could have asked for many things. He asked for money.

It never occurred to him to ask for healing. Why? Because that’s impossible. Of course.

“Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have I give you. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, get up and walk”.

When Jesus healed, did He ever heal in the name of anyone? No, because He is the I AM. He healed in His own power. His words are God’s words. He is God.

But here is Peter, healing in the name he had denied a few short weeks ago. Restored, redeemed and re-consecrated, he gives what he knows is all he has — the precious name of Christ.

And that man got up. And walked. And was leaping for joy! That man had asked for money. And he got a lifetime more. And it doesn’t say — but I think — he got an eternity “more” too!

Friend, are you sitting at the gate asking for your needs? Maybe you’re not even asking God anymore. You’re just asking people that pass by for something to fill you.

Maybe you are asking God. And you have been. But at this point, your ask is so much smaller than your gaping need. “Lord, heal my marriage” has become, “Just get me through today.”

“Lord, heal my heart” has become, “Lord, help me help someone else” (because I won’t be helped myself).

“Lord, save my child” has become an aching, “Oh Lord.”

Maybe your marriage is already broken. Maybe your child has died. Maybe a diagnosis has erased all hope.

And He knows it completely and He’s still bigger than this huge need.

Dear aching friend, notice that this man asked for money. And he got healing. This post is not a criticism about what you are praying for. “Pray bigger!” is not the point. That man sat at the beautiful gate. Right by the temple. Right by his God. Asking. Waiting. He was in the right place as far as he knew.

This post is to encourage you to keep praying little prayers. Keep asking to get through today. Keep seeking, asking, knocking.

But know this: you have a big God. That’s what this post is about. A God that knows your need better than you do. Pray bigger, yes. Life has a way of beating down our prayers to tiny requests without hope. Of course, pray as big as you can. AND have a bigger God.

One day, in this life, you’ll see and know and bathe in the goodness of God Almighty that reached in and had you stand and leap and sing when all you wanted was to get through the day.

I believe that the witness of Scripture is more than enough. But I will witness too. I’ve prayed through the night for babies that didn’t make it. I’ve prayed through the night for a baby that did. I prayed for my husband, and God healed us both. I’ve moved to the dangerous city of Detroit that I was terrified of, but found it to be a haven. I prayed for protection. I got healing. I’ve prayed almost a year for a job and we find ourselves still unemployed…but not in need! I prayed for a rental in Toronto that two realtors told me I wouldn’t find, and they wouldn’t even take us on. The third realtor took us on and found one. Then it fell through. Now we’re applying for another one. And waiting. And He’ll be faithful again, we know.

What was consistent? Me? My “big” prayers? No. He was. He is.

And in the next life? All things will be made new. All the waiting, all the tears, all the agony of this life sitting at (but outside) the beautiful gate will be over…and woven into the joy that will clothe us for eternity. And we’ll stand up, walk through that beautiful gate, and leap for joy in the temple, praising our big God for His achingly beautiful plan.

How will He make it all new? I don’t know! But He is so much bigger than what we think we need.