You Knew

You Knew
Photo by Edu Grande / Unsplash

Lord, if You knew water’s roar and fire’s fury,

If You knew the damage these troubles would bring,

If You knew, dear Lord, then why did You stand?

Watching long from a distance, knowing my plight?

So much of my life, I simply don’t know.

Your purpose, Your reason, Your waiting, “You’re slow!”

But as some men count slackness, Your mercy abounds.

You have Your reasons, and You have Your plan.

You knew when I suffered, as I stand looking back,

When grace seemed scarce and fears were large.

You knew when the troubles grew deep,

You knew and stood there, looking on.

You knew in the moment and You know looking back,

As tomorrow is past, so a thousand years in Your sight,

You look at my time in one solid piece,

When I live dragging moments, You hold steady the why.

You always knew, and held me safe in Your hand

You knew, and were constant for Your purpose is good.

You knew, and You planned it all from the start.

You knew while Lazarus lay buried and quiet.

Some say you’re late but You say, “Lazarus come forth.”

You knew no one expected You to redeem this cold death.

You knew, and You came in the fullness of time.

When it was time to rise up and walk back to the tomb.

You know the times and the seasons,

and yes too, the reasons,

You feel our holy heartbreak of “Oh Lord, yes but why?”

You stand with us silent and with us lament.

So here in the quiet, before Lazarus comes out

Here in the weeping, dear Lord we call out,

Thank You for knowing the plan we do not.

Thank You for giving the life we sought not.

How good that You knew, the good and the bad,

How good to be known and guided throughout,

How good to see your goodness here and now,

How good to know now, that then, yes, You knew.