Fresh Bread

Fresh Bread
Photo by Dovile Ramoskaite on Unsplash

Want to read and pray, but there’s no time or energy?

First: This is hard. Might as well say it. And it's not because moms don’t want to. We do. And worse, Satan doesn’t want us to. He really doesn’t.

Second: This is possible. And the source of your strength. But not how you thought. The Word of God is living and active. God Himself wants to feed you. He says to come and rest. So lay it all down and rest.

What are you interested in? Women that Jesus changed? Find them. Verses about courage? Look them up. You don’t have to read it in order. You’re resting. Feeding. Knowing.

Struggle to read like I do? I am not a visual person AT ALL. So I listen to the Bible regularly. That’s how it comes to life for me. Normally, I listen best in the shower. I clean my body, He cleans my soul. I use an app called Dwell.

Some people need to move while they listen for it to soak in. Listen, pray, think while you walk or do stretches. A prayer walk may be a life-giving habit for you.

Others savor best while they’re drawing or painting or creating. Can you make a basket of supplies that allow you to do this that you can move around the house as needed (and keep it all contained away from the kids!).

Live and breathe the goodness. Make it part of your life. Podcasts, sermons, worship music. I have podcasts I love, and a playlist for peace that I am continually adding to on Spotify.

Audiobooks on Christian life/topics/fiction - these are my running buddies, my cleaning partners, and my “I can’t sleep” soundtracks. I always have one on the go.

With all these as a backdrop, opening your Bible is not the only crack of light in your day. And when you do sit down in a moment of solitude, your heart is ready to savor. To hunt for beauty and pay attention to what the Spirit wants to show you.

So don’t JUST read your Bible. Whet your appetite.

Third: Push off the shoulds. “You should read,” “You should pray,” “You should cultivate,” Let them all go. They generate shame and push you from Him. You’re not competing or working for His favor. You have it.

It’s much more like pulling up a chair for a meal than pulling out the vacuum for a chore. He’s the Bread of Life, He says to come and be filled. Satan wants you to feel it's a chore, avoid it, and feel guilty. Jesus wants you to smell the fresh bread and come running.