These Counters

These Counters

They’ve seen light of days 
And the dark of night.
They’ve seen messy sprays, 
Sure, they’re quite the sight. 

They’ve heard laughter passing,
Even our anger lasting.
Held up weight of the seasons,
Holding up without reason.

Sand and sun and snacks
And mud and little lunch packs.
A smear of cheese and 
A splat of - what’s that?

The burdens of holiday joys
And sorrow of the unemployed, 
They’re cracked and they’re old
Before the story’s been told.

Gathered round they stand, 
Just holding. Not folding. 
Never noticed, just beholding
All our lives here unfolding. 

As mountains surround Zion
My counters surround bedlam. 
As mountains surround Zion
He surrounds those who love Him.

Thank God that they’re constant
Like His unwearied love, 
Little thanked and still ardent 
And for the journey enough. 

The grace here unfolding 
Like counters still holding 
The burden of messy lives 
Before dear Jesus arrives.