Turn left at Freedom Road

Turn left at Freedom Road
Photo by Justine Canlas on Unsplash

“Turn left at Freedom Road.”
It was a soulless GPS
That reported on my dash
But the Spirit took up the song.

In a moment I heard the hope
That whispered welcome
To my weary heart;
Turn left at Freedom Road.

The sign was old and peeling
As if we forgot what freedom was.
Could it be that I’ve been earning
All that He already gave?

He loves and yes, forgives me.
Today it’s just as true
As the day that I received Him.
There’s nothing left to prove.

I work not for reward
Though bright will be that day.
I’ll happy toss my crown
At His pierced and worthy feet.

I work not for fear of Him
Or terror of comfort lost.
I turn left at Freedom Road
For He saved even me.

I work in loyal gratitude
For all He’s done for me.
The treasures of this life all dross,
He, the treasure I already have.

Are you on a road of doing?
Of must and should and can’t?
Dear Christian driving burdened,
Turn left at Freedom Road.

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As always thank you for reading.

Love, Rachel